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* Sandpaper/Abrasives
* Wood Buff System
Chisels & Tenon-
  ing Tools

Drills & Plug Cutters
* Forstner Bits
* HSS Drill Bit
* Tapered Plug Cutter
* Duplicators for lathes
* Steel Pen Templates
* Steel Proj Templates
   see Stains etc.
Flashlights, LED
* Glues & Epoxies
Lathes etc.

Carba-Tec Mini
* TurnCrafterPro Midi
* TurnCrafterPlus
   Pen Lathe

 see R.M. Lathe Opts 
* Expanding Collets
* Headstock Spindle

* Live Head, Tailstock
   & Hollow Centers

* Micro Chucks
* More wood Lathe

* Chucks & Access.
* Spindle Size Change
Moisture Meter
* Dual Pin Electronic
   Moisture Meter

Pen & Pencil
* Slimline Kits

* Designer Style Kits

* Classic Style Kits

* Comfort Kits

* Cigar/Big Ben Kits

* Mini Kits
* Polaris Kits
* Teacher's &
   Executive Kits

* Sculptured &
   Segmented Kits

* Finished Pens
* P&P Boxes and
   Display Cases 1

* P&P Boxes and
   Display Cases 2

Project I.D.
* Identification

Project Kits
* Bottle Stops &
   Cork Screws
* Coffee & Pepper

* Game Call Kits
* Kaleidoscope
* Slimline Pens
* Designer Pens
* Classic Pens
* Comfort Pens
* Cigar/Big Ben Pens
* Mini Pens
* Polaris Kits
* Teacher's &
   Executive Kits

* Sculptured &
   Segmented Kits

* P&P Starter Kits
* Finished Pens
* Treen Kits
* Turning Kits Misc.
* Lady's Vanity
* Fishing Lures
* Chess Items
Ring Master
* 723-724
* RM Specialties
Router Base Screws
Stains, etc.

* Stain, Polish,

* Access & Tools
Blanks - Stock
* Exotic Wood

* P&P Blanks
* Turning Stock
* Pen & Bottle Stop

* (PDF Files)
* Turning Supplies
Video & Software
* How-to-Video



The Wooden Post - Who we are


The editor, has been involved in wood working for over 40 years:
  • First as a hobbyist
  • Then as a retail tool dealer and sharpening shop
  • And finally as a professional woodworker and cabinetmaker, including:
    • Commercial cabinet making
    • And for the past few years, making display cabinets for several
      companies that sell to the wood working trade.

Now we are once again in the tool distribution area, bringing a proven line of tools to the hobbyist as well as to the professional wood worker. 

  • Each item we carry has been used in the shop to prove that it works as advertised. 
  • We examine the instructions very carefully to insure that the products we sell will perform as advertised as well as making sure that the procedure is relatively easy to understand.
  • If it doesn't perform as promised without extra instructions, we simply will not carry the product.
  • This is so that you can be assured that the products we offer will be of top quality and perform as advertised.

The Wooden Post is a distributor for the Ring Master line of tools, (our original line of tools and it still dominates the work load at our company), however because of the close alliance to turning it has allowed us to expand into the lathe business with the introduction of lathes as well as turning products.


Another benefit of the close association of the Ring Master with the lathe is that association will often find the editor involved in both fields.  A good position to be in when reporting on new products that he feels will be of interest to our readers.

Since we are all “toys are us” type of guys, we can frequently be found testing new products that are of specific interest to Ring Master owners as well as woodworkers in general.

Wood finishing techniques are a special area of interest to him, as you will see from the articles that appear in the newsletter, and further demonstrated in the numerous woodworking videos he produces.

The Wooden Post woodworking videos cover many aspects of the trade.

If you haven’t seen our newsletter, click on the Newsletter link at the top of this page and take a look.  The newsletter is free for all to read or print out if you want.

History of The Wooden Post and The Wooden Post Newsletter

Welcome to The Wooden Post


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