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Finishing Supplies and Accessories
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The Wood Buff System

The Wood Buff System


When ordering #320,  #325 or #371 - you will receive either our video tape #260 or our #260-2 DVD wood turning instructions free. Please specify in the comments section of the order form which format is preferred.

Go to Wooden Post Video Library for more information on the videos. 

The Wood Buff system is a complete set of finishing buffs and compounds designed to specifically give wood a fast, but spectacular finish.

Used by Pipe finishers for many years, it is almost virtually unknown to most woodworkers. The Wood Buff System is a four step process:

  1. Apply a penetrating finish to the raw wood - then let it dry.
  2. Buff with a Tripoli bar with a all linen buff.
  3. Buff with the White Diamond bar using a combination of linen and flannel buffing wheel.
  4. Finish buffing with the Carnauba wax and all flannel wheel.

This results in a finish that looks like a multi-coat lacquer finish job.

The kit comes complete with a quick change arbor which adjusts to fit 1/2" or 5/8" arbors on a motor at 1725 RPM.

The Wood Buff System - #320       Qty: Price: $69.95

WB #325 is the same system as the WB #320 set above but with a 3/4" arbor hole to fit directly on the arbors of a buffer. No adapter is needed - No bolts are included in the wheels as they are included with your buffing motor.

The Wood Buff System 3/4 inch - #325      Qty: Price: $56.00

Mandrels and Adapters for WB #325

Bench Mandrels

#602 Bench Mandrel

Add your own motor and appropriate pulley to use the Beall #325 Buffing Kit.

Heavy Duty Ball Bearing Mandrel
feature two high quality "Precision Grade" die-cast ball bearing pillow blocks, permanently sealed and lubricated for a long maintenance life.

#602 - threaded ends 1/2" - 11 RH & LH - Shaft size 5/8" x 12"

#602 Bench Mandrel:  Qty: Price: $38.95


#395 Adapters [No Photo Avail]

Plastic adapters to change arbor sizes -  nested and will cover ID/OD 1/2"; 5/8"; 3/4"; 7/8"; 1"; 1-1/4". Used to install Beall #325 buffers with a 3/4" hole on 1/2" and 5/8" arbors. (1 pkg of 2 each)

#395 Plastic Adapters for Beall:  Qty: Price: $4.95

Tripoli Bars, White Diamond Bars, & Carnauba Wax Bars

Replacement Tripoli Bars #350   Qty: Price: $4.50

Replacement White Diamond Bars #352   Qty: Price: $4.95

Replacement Carnauba Wax Bars #353   Qty: Price: $5.50

 Buffing Attachments, Mandrels, and Adapters

Buffing Attachments, Mandrels, and Adapters To use the Wood Buff System on other than motors, buffing machines, or a lathe, the following items are available.

NOTE: The WBLA series has a flat ground on the shank to attach adapters and Motor arbor attachments.

Combination (WBA) 1/2"- 5/8" adapter RH thread only
 #360  Qty: Price: $15.25

Goblet Buff Drill Mandrel (GBDM)
  #337  Qty: Price: $6.25

Goblet Buff adapter (GBA)
RH thread
 #339  Qty:    Price: $9.25

Lathe attachment (WBLA)
Morse Taper #1 
Qty: Price: $8.95

Goblet Buff Adapter (GBA)
LH thread
  #338  Qty:    Price: $9.25

Lathe attachment (WBLA)
Morse Taper #2 
# 345
Qty: Price: $8.95

Flanged Washer Style Motor Adapters

Flanged Washer Style Motor Adapters  

Deluxe Machined Type Motor Adapters for Precision Fit


RH Threads

LH Threads

#603 - for 1/2" shaft, 1/2" thread section

#603 RH Flange Washer Adapter

1/2" shaft  Qty: Price: $7.95

#605 - for 1/2" shaft, 1/2" thread section

#605 LH Flange Washer Adapter

 1/2" shaft   Qty: Price: $7.95

#604 - for 5/8" shaft, 1/2" thread section

#604 RH Flange Washer Adapter

5/8" shaft   Qty: Price: $7.95

Buffing Mandrel Extension

Buffing Mandrel Extension

The buffing mandrel extension screws into the Beall 3-3/4" buffing adaptor to provide an overall reach of 6-3/4" for buffing inside deep bowls or vessels. It works with any of the Beall Buffs which have center bolts.

Buffing Mandrel Extension #386
  Qty: Price: $15.50

Lathe Multi-Wheel Mandrel and Buffing Kit from Wood Buff System

Finally - a device that allows you to run three buffs simultaneously.

On one end is a machined #2 Morse taper to fit the head stock of your lathe; on the other a center to accept the tail stock. The shaft is 3/4" diameter with buff spacing 4" apart; Allowing you to quickly and efficiently run small items through the complete wood buffing process without the distraction of changing wheels between steps.

These buffs have 3/4" holes through their centers, and are the same as used with the Baldor or other stationary buffing machine.

NOTE: The buffs included with the standard kit will not work on this mandrel.

This new Lathe Mandrel is a device we have been waiting on for some time. Now we can mount all three buffing wheels on our lathe for a continuous buffing.


 Lathe Multi-Wheel Mandrel and Buffing Kit from Wood Buff System 

The Wood Buff system Kit #371
  Qty: Price: $89.00

Bowl Buffs

Bowl Buffs
Note: Adapter shown is not included with Bowl Buff Kits.  Use buffing bars from standard 8" buffing sets - or purchase separately as they are not included with the bowl buffs.  The #360 adapter is listed above and may be purchased separately.

3pc Bowl Buff Kits

3 pc kits contain one each of the following: Tripoli, White Diamond, Wax Wheels

 #373 - 2" Bowl Buff Kit
(all three 2" Buffs) 

  Qty: Price: $34.00 

 #377 - 3" Bowl Buff Kit
(all three 3" Buffs)

  Qty: Price: $34.00  

 #382 - 4" Bowl Buff Kit
(all three 4" Buffs)

  Qty: Price: $39.00  

Many more items available from the Beall Line. 
Call for information on parts and supplies.

Wheel Arbor

Wheel Arbor

1/4" shank x 1/2 inch - 20 RH tpi - #608 - price $4.95

This converter will allow you to change a 1/4 inch drill to a 1/2 inch keyless drill chuck (#609). This will also work well for mounting Ring Master Bowls to chucks that will accept a 1/4  inch shank. Just add nuts and washers. Thread length 2- inch, O.A.L. 3- inch

Wheel Arbor
Qty: Price: $$4.95   

Keyless Drill Chuck

Keyless Drill Chuck

Fits 1/2" x 20 tpi shaft - capacity 0 to 1/2 inch  - #609 - Price $14.95

This keyless chuck will fit on any x 20 tpi shaft and will hold items from 0 to inch.
Jaws are spring loaded. Simply turn the chuck to open and close- no key needed.

True-Running - tolerances to a maximum of .020 inch. This chuck will tighten by screwing it onto a x 20 tpi threaded piece and the further the threaded piece extends into the chuck body the tighter the jaws will tighten. Can be used with wheel arbor drill converter (#608)

Keyless Drill Chuck
Qty: Price: $$14.95  



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