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* Sandpaper/Abrasives
* Wood Buff System
Chisels & Tenon-
  ing Tools

Drills & Plug Cutters
* Forstner Bits
* HSS Drill Bit
* Tapered Plug Cutter
* Duplicators for lathes
* Steel Pen Templates
* Steel Proj Templates
   see Stains etc.
Flashlights, LED
* Glues & Epoxies
Lathes etc.

Carba-Tec Mini
* TurnCrafterPro Midi
* TurnCrafterPlus
   Pen Lathe

 see R.M. Lathe Opts 
* Expanding Collets
* Headstock Spindle

* Live Head, Tailstock
   & Hollow Centers

* Micro Chucks
* More wood Lathe

* Chucks & Access.
* Spindle Size Change
Moisture Meter
* Dual Pin Electronic
   Moisture Meter

Pen & Pencil
* Slimline Kits

* Designer Style Kits

* Classic Style Kits

* Comfort Kits

* Cigar/Big Ben Kits

* Mini Kits
* Polaris Kits
* Teacher's &
   Executive Kits

* Sculptured &
   Segmented Kits

* Finished Pens
* P&P Boxes and
   Display Cases 1

* P&P Boxes and
   Display Cases 2

Project I.D.
* Identification

Project Kits
* Bottle Stops &
   Cork Screws
* Game Call Kits
* Kaleidoscope
* Slimline Pens
* Designer Pens
* Classic Pens
* Comfort Pens
* Cigar/Big Ben Pens
* Mini Pens
* Polaris Kits
* Teacher's &
   Executive Kits

* Sculptured &
   Segmented Kits

* P&P Starter Kits
* Finished Pens
* Treen Kits
* Turning Kits Misc.
* Lady's Vanity
* Fishing Lures
Ring Master
* 723-724
* RM Specialties
Router Base Screws
Stains, etc.

* Stain, Polish,

* Access & Tools
Blanks - Stock
* Exotic Wood

* P&P Blanks
* Turning Stock
* Pen & Bottle Stop

* (PDF Files)
* Turning Supplies
Video & Software
* How-to-Video


Identification  Medallions


Personalized Identification Medallions
Brand your work with your own Medallion
Let everyone know who made it and when.

Available in Gold series & Platinum/Signature series
These 1" diameter Medallions are laser engraved on
Gold or Platinum color Plastic with Black lettering.

For special requirements or suggestions, use the comments section of the submit order page.

Please note: When ordering in lots of 40 pieces "Gold Series"
they will contain only the heading, the name specified and
either the year specified or no year, per instructions.
If you desire to have custom information placed on your medallion,
then you must order the "Platinum Series" medallions. This would
include such changes as putting your location information in place
of the year - etc."
Should you have special needs or questions,  please call the number
at the top of this page or inquire by email to

Project ID Medallion - Hand Crafted by
Style 101 - "Hand crafted by"

Project ID Medallion - Hand made by
Style #102 - "Hand made by"

Project medallion - From the shop of
Style #103 - "From the shop of"

Project medallion - Custom made by
Style 104 - "Custom made by"

Gold Series
Sold in units of 40 pieces

Name shown in Lydian Cursive &  Bernhard typefaces. Modern Roman typeface also available.

Gold Medallions
Qty: Price: $34.95
Select Style:

Select Typeface:

Select Year:

Woodcraft ID Medallion - Custom made by The Wooden Post

Project ID medallion - Custom made by Gary Neely

Platinum/Signature Series
Sold in units of 80 pieces

You can also have your signature digitally reproduced for a slight additional charge.

Custom sizes and colors are available on special order for the Platinum/Signature series only. 

NOTE: The correct size forstner bit for installing the medallions is shown below.

Email for info

Signature Platinum Medallions
Qty: Price: $74.95
Select Style:

Select Typeface:

Select Year:

  Note: Shipping & Handling on medallions are as follows:  Gold Medallions $3.95 - Platinum $4.95 - Please ignore the shipping and handling added to your order - the correction is made when we actually enter your order.

How to install medallions.*

All medallions are sized to be placed into a hole drilled with a 1" Forstner bit. Simply drill the depression so that the surface of the medallion is just slightly below the surface of your project, and simply super glue the medallion into place.




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