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The Wooden Post Quick Categories

* Sandpaper/Abrasives
* Wood Buff System
Chisels & Tenon-
  ing Tools

Drills & Plug Cutters
* Forstner Bits
* HSS Drill Bit
* Tapered Plug Cutter
* Duplicators for lathes
* Steel Pen Templates
* Steel Proj Templates
   see Stains etc.
Flashlights, LED
* Glues & Epoxies
Lathes etc.

Carba-Tec Mini
* TurnCrafterPro Midi
* TurnCrafterPlus
   Pen Lathe

 see R.M. Lathe Opts 
* Expanding Collets
* Headstock Spindle

* Live Head, Tailstock
   & Hollow Centers

* Micro Chucks
* More wood Lathe

* Chucks & Access.
* Spindle Size Change
Moisture Meter
* Dual Pin Electronic
   Moisture Meter

Pen & Pencil
* Slimline Kits

* Designer Style Kits

* Classic Style Kits

* Comfort Kits

* Cigar/Big Ben Kits

* Mini Kits
* Polaris Kits
* Teacher's &
   Executive Kits

* Sculptured &
   Segmented Kits

* Finished Pens
* P&P Boxes and
   Display Cases 1

* P&P Boxes and
   Display Cases 2

Project I.D.
* Identification

Project Kits
* Bottle Stops &
   Cork Screws
* Coffee & Pepper

* Game Call Kits
* Kaleidoscope
* Slimline Pens
* Designer Pens
* Classic Pens
* Comfort Pens
* Cigar/Big Ben Pens
* Mini Pens
* Polaris Kits
* Teacher's &
   Executive Kits

* Sculptured &
   Segmented Kits

* P&P Starter Kits
* Finished Pens
* Treen Kits
* Turning Kits Misc.
* Lady's Vanity
* Fishing Lures
* Chess Items
Ring Master
* 723-724
* RM Specialties
Router Base Screws
Stains, etc.

* Stain, Polish,

* Access & Tools
Blanks - Stock
* Exotic Wood

* P&P Blanks
* Turning Stock
* Pen & Bottle Stop

* (PDF Files)
* Turning Supplies
Video & Software
* How-to-Video


Company Policies

Return and Refund Policy

The Wooden Post, Inc. does everything in our power to make sure our customers are happy with their products, however, if for some reason an item has to be returned, the following policy applies:

  • Shipping and Handling are not refundable. These costs are paid on behalf of our customers and we are unable to refund these charges.  All return cost is to be paid by the customer and all returns must have approval prior to being returned.

  • Some items, such as finishes, glues, etc. are not returnable.

  • Video tapes, if prior approval has been received, may be returned for a credit only, less any costs for the initial shipping. When video tapes are sold, they are copyrighted, and therefore cannot be legally duplicated, however because of the nature of video tapes and the ease with which they can be copied, they generally are not refundable, but will be replaced if they are defective.

  • All other returns must be returned in their original packaging and original condition. If this cannot be accomplished, we reserve the right to charge up to a 15% restocking fee, or actual costs and labor to make the product ready for resale.


We normally will ship by UPS Ground.  On occasions we will ship by U.S. Postal Service (USPS), most especially if an item is light or if the cost benefit to the customer is substantial.  FedEx has raised their rates again, as they do every year, and they do charge extra for packages shipped to certain areas. They have also increased their price for insurance, and we will have to pass these charges on to the customer. Want to save money on shipping - and who doesn't - if you can have your package delivered to a business, and by that I mean a regular business in a business area, complete with a sign - etc., simply let us know and we will be happy to send it to your work. All delivery carriers charge less for Business Deliveries.

We do not make money on shipping and handling.  These costs are passed on to the customer in order to recover our costs to package and ship the products that are ordered, and we do everything in our power to keep these costs to a minimum. Companies that add excessive cost for shipping and handling have long been a thorn in my side and we will not join that crowd.

Lost or Damaged Shipments

  1. UPS is normally the easiest to do business with, most especially when a package is lost or damaged. Just be sure to hold onto all packaging material when a problem does arise.

  2. When packages are shipped by USPS we will have a minimum charge of $3.95 plus the cost of the insurance. The purchaser must bear in mind that if a package is damaged or lost (or misplaced, as the USPS claims to never lose anything) the process of receiving an insurance settlement can take several weeks.

  • There seems to be no way of speeding up this process.

  • We cannot replace the shipment until this investigation has been completed and a determination made by the USPS.  FedEx however, is much easier to deal with on any type of a problem, so it is our preferred method of shipping your packages in order to have them arrive in a timely manner.

NOTE: If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to call us Toll Free for details.



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  Company Policies

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